Thursday, January 19, 2012

More Florida Brewers: Green Room Brewing On-Board

We are happy to announce that we have another great Florida Brewer on-board, showing their support for South Florida Beer Week. We are excited to be featuring Green Room Brewing out of Jacksonville, FL during next week's festivities.

We know you may not have had a chance to explore what this Florida Brewer has to offer so we took a moment to Talk with Eric Luman, Founder and Brewmaster to give a quick synopsis of what's in store.

SFBW: What do you want South Florida to know about your brewery?

Eric Luman: We are located in Jax Beach, 2 blocks off the beach. We're a small family owned operation. We have really gone for that laid back beach vibe with our beers and our tap room mimics this, without being tacky. This will be the first time our beers will be available outside of the Jacksonville area (aside from beer festivals).

Anything you want to let people know about the beers that will be offered during that week?

Our Head High IPA is our flagship, our most prominent seller in our tap room and will be seen most around Jacksonville. It has a bunch of those citrusy, orange and grapefruit flavors and aromas that reference the citrus in Florida.

Helles Yeah is an approachable American take on the Munich Helles Lager. It's brewed with American grown German hops, American grown pilsner malt and a German lager yeast.

Under Toe Barleywine is a Florida version of an American barleywine. It's brewed with 30% orange blossom honey, locally sourced. It's light and more citrusy than a normal barleywine but still with a 9% [ABV] kick.

Why do you think drinking local is important?

It's been a big movement in food so why not with beer? By supporting local you are bettering the environment  and cutting costs with less fuel and you have fresh product. Of course, it also helps to create jobs and supports the local economy.

To learn more about Green Room visit their website and/or facebook. We can't wait to get some of these Jax Beach Beers down for everybody to try. Make sure to stop in at the Jupiter Craft Brewers Fest to meet Eric and talk to him about this up and coming Florida Brewery. 

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