Friday, January 4, 2013

Event Announcements Part 3

The Sybarite Pig in West Boca is hosting a South Florida
Beer Week Pig Roast. (Pictured: Owner Daniel Naumko)
Happy Friday, Everyone!

Even more events are coming your way for South Florida Beer Week. The "H is O," as they say!

Take a look below for some info on the events. Next week we're going to release a full event fact sheet to guide you through your SFBW experience. Enjoy!

January 20
Caja China Pig Roast with Cigar City at The Sybarite Pig. Boca's newest craft beer bar is The Sybarite Pig. If you're wondering what "sybarite means," it's so named for the ancient Greek colony of Sybaris, where the denizens were said to be thoroughly devoted to a lifestyle of extreme pleasure and luxury. Sounds pretty great to us!

Sybarite Pig owner Daniel Naumko has been affectionately called this by his friends for years, and it shows in his restaurant: He butchers whole hogs from snout to tail for his dishes -- which include sous-vide pork belly, slow-roasted porchetta, and house-made sausages -- and makes all of his sides and sauces from scratch. His beer list follows an equally lascivious ethos, with some of the rarest and most decadent beers on tap such as Avery Mephistopheles, The Bruery Smoking Wood, and La Chouffe N'ice Chouffe. All told, it's a place to indulge, drink, and be merry -- what more could you want?

And indulge you shall, at Sybarite Pig's Pig Roast, featuring beers from Cigar City Brewing. Sybarite will feature some limited batch beers from CCB on tap, and offer a selection of cans as well. For $30, you'll get all the pig you can slam down your greasy gullet, plus either one pour of CCB draft, or two beers from a select bottle/can menu.

The 'Pig will open early on Sunday the 20th, at noon, so you can come for a fun daytime pig roast and bask all day in the decadence that awaits. Naumko will offer live music as well to keep everyone entertained.

January 22
Massive Florida Tap Takeover at The Funky Buddha Lounge. We know everyone is waiting with baited breath for the Funky Buddha Brewery's arrival in Oakland Park. But this tap takeover at the original lounge is sure to tide you over until then. Expect a full compliment of your favorite Buddha beers -- there will surely be Berlinerweisses, big name beers, and most assuredly some new faces (without spilling the beans too much, there will be a fruit-treated dark sour that will absolutely blow your mind). Aside from Buddha's own specialty brews, there will be some rare and limited tappings from Florida breweries, including folks that don't get down this way often such as Swamp Head, Engine 15, and 3 Palms. Nifty. The tappings will start at 5pm and run throughout the night. Be there!

January 23
Florida Brewery Tap Takeover at The Laser Wolf. It wouldn't be a Beer Week without The Laser Wolf. So leave it to Chris, Jordan, and the entire crew at this very special bar to release a smartly curated selection of brews from across the state, including stuff from Swamp Head, Mile Marker, Engine 15, Tequesta, Cigar City, and more. Yep, it's going to be that kind of night - bring a DD and expect to stay a while. The party gets started at 7pm and runs late.

All Week
South Florida Beer Week Celebration at American Social. Anyone that frequents AmSo can tell you that the bar is a huge supporter of local beer. That trend will continue during SFBW as the taps fill up with a bevy of local options from here and across the state. Stay tuned for a complete tap list, and expect a beer pairing special to run throughout the week.

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