Friday, January 27, 2017


Had a long work week?  We have you covered and still going strong for South Florida Beer Week!  Come out and celebrate South Florida Beer Week with us!

  • 5:00p - Local Craft Beer Happy Hour @ Kapow Noodle Bar
  • 5:00p - Local Craft Beer Happy Hour @ Mellow Mushroom Delray
  • 5:00p - Local Beer Happy Hour @ Tucker Dukes Boca
  • 5:00p - Saltwater Brewery Spotlight @ Cabana Breezes
  • 6:00p - Straight Out Of The West Coast @ Kush Miami
  • 6:00p - Field of Beers 2017
  • 6:00p - Bo's Beer Launch @ Bokampers

Remember to share your #SFBW2017 memories with us and to drink responsibly. 



  1. There's something immediately dignified about this LA venue - it is beautifully designed, tasteful, and understated. Went to this comfy place recently, just the right temperature, good food and great experience.

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