Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Guess What Day It Is...Hump Day #SFBW2017 Style

Steady chugging along (train reference, get your head out of the gutter) for South Florida Beer Week, and it’s only mid-week! If Tuesday wasn’t enough for you, then maybe we can be of a little assistance. Come out and celebrate South Florida Beer Week with us, and don’t forget to tag @SouthFloridaBeerWeek to show everyone what they are missing.
  • Swing by Due South Brewing to enjoy your favorite Girl Scout cookies paired with excellent locally crafted beer.  Starting at 5:00pm, come help support Troop 20177 and join us for a sweeter version of #SFBW2017. It's also In The Bizz Happy Hour. Work for a distributor, brewery, bar, or restaurant?
  • Fresh from St. Petersburg, Green Bench Brewing Co. is hosting their Foeder Beer Event with the Brewhouse Gallery in Lake Park, FL.  Starting at 6:00pm, they will be featuring: Le blanc Belge, Saison de Noir (with plum), Bench Beer, Sunshine City, Postcard Pilsner, Palladium Porter and Saison de Ver (with cranberry).
  • Looking to work those brain muscles?  What? Trivia. Where?  Saltwater Brewing.  When? 7:00pm.  Who? You.
  • It's not just in Delray, want some Trivia in Broward? Bar Red Beard's got their Trivia as well. Geeks Who Drink hosts up this fun time!
  • College Appreciation Night and Sausage Night at Barrel of Monks Brewing. 50% off with valid student ID, and Grace’s Fine Foods on sight.
  • PLUS we've got a long list of week-long events happening all over South Florida. Check out our calendar for details
Remember to share your South Florida Beer Week memories with us #SFBW2017 and drink responsibly.


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