Thursday, January 14, 2016

5 Reasons You Should Participate in South Florida Beer Week

South Florida Beer Week (SFBW) celebrates amazing local beers in your backyard. It's 7 days of incredible people, who happen to make incredible beer. There are tons of amazing events going on all over South Florida, with your favorite bars, restaurants, and of course breweries.

Whether you are into the local beer scene, a novice with a sense of adventure, or just a local wanting to get in on the action, there are plenty of events for you to check out. You should make it a point to celebrate the culture of craft beer in your community, and here is why...

It only comes once a year, so we have decided to put together the Top 5 Reasons You Should Participate in SFBW:

1. Florida is one of the fastest growing craft beer markets in the country
In 2014 alone Florida saw the opening of 42 craft breweries. Several new breweries from South Florida have popped up recently: Barrel of Monks, Waterfront Brewery, 26th Degree Brewing Co., Florida Keys Brewing Co., and much more. South Florida even received recognition on the popular show Brew Dogs, who came to Miami to brew a beer with Wynwood Brewing Co.

2. Some of the best beers in the country are made right here in South Florida
South Florida Breweries are making some seriously delicious beers, and they are getting noticed at GABF, CBC, and amongst other notable beer sources such as Beer Advocate and Rate Beer. For example, Funky Buddha Brewery is noted as having the best porter on Rate Beer and Beer Advocate, their Maple Bacon Coffee Porter. On top of that several other breweries have award winning liquid, including Due South Brewing's Marina Trench Imperial Stout, Tequesta's Brew in Bock, and many more.

3. Celebrate the culture of your community
Each neighborhood in South Florida has it's own sense of charm, and with that each local brewery has some of that charm rubbed off on them. Local breweries often will name their beers based on local folklore, neighborhood sightings, or things that South Floridian's are all too familiar with. For example, Twisted Trunk Brewery's IPGA and it's spin on PGA golf culture in South Florida. While SFBW is about the local breweries, it is also about the establishments that serve their beer. Make sure to have a pint or two at your favorite local watering hole, with your favorite local brewery and know that you are not only celebrating the culture of SOFLO but the economy as well (cha-ching).

4. It's super-easy to get involved
We try and make this as seamless as we possible can so that you can enjoy all the perks. Breweries and bars/restaurants all over South Florida try their best to plan some really amazing events for you to get the best possible experience of SFBW. If you haven't been to beer-food pairing, or a tap takeover this is the best time to give it a whirl. And hey, you never know you might just discover something new.

5. Trying other great Florida beers that typically aren't available in South Florida
Not only will you be able to taste delicious beers from South Florida, but amazing breweries from all over the state are sending in their best to celebrate the week. You will have the chance to drink some tasty beers from Proof Brewing Co. in Tallahassee, Angry Chair in Tampa, Engine 15 and Green Room in Jacksonville, Barley Mow from Key Largo and much more!

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