Thursday, January 28, 2016

#SFBW Recap: Day 5

Day 5 of SFBW was amazing! We ate Girl Scout cookies, drank some incredible Belgian beers and more! Check out some of the photos of all the fun below:

Girl Scout cookies and craft beer, a match made in heaven! Due South was packed full of people trying delicious combos of beer and cookies.

Some great Belgian beers at Orginal Fat Cat's in Fort Lauderdale from Barrel of Monks.

Wings and beers from Tequesta Brewing Co. at Beer Trade Co.

Enjoying a bite and brew from Due South at Coolinary Cafe.

A delicious Tequesta Pomegrante American Sour at Little Moirs Leftovers

Check back daily for more updates and happenings from SFBW. Cheers!

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